Alien Amnesia

Location: USA
Genre: nu metal, psychedelic, parody

Hello earthlings, and welcome to Alien Amnesia. We are a galactic collective of 4th dimensional beings, sent to your planet to study the influence of sound on your primitive minds. Using the power of artificial intelligence, we have crafted what we believe to be an enjoyable experience for the downtrotted, and disinfranchised among your population.
If this is not up to your standards of quality, we do apologize, sincerely, there will always be a margin of error with AI.
But without further ado, we present to you, Alien Amnesia, fronted by our AI we have nicknamed "x13undi". We hope that it brings you some comfort in the last days of your planet.

RELEASES: is supporter of outstanding music based on free expression and cannot be identified with any ideological messages of artists and bands.

If your music is "alternative" and hard to define = you probably will fit this netlabel! Preffered genres: acoustic, alternative rock, art rock, athmospheric rock, classic rock, folk-rock, garage rock, gothic rock, grunge, hard rock, indie rock, instrumental rock, math rock, post-rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, punk rock, rock & roll, slow rock, southern rock, space rock, symphonic rock, black metal, death metal, doom metal, funk metal, heavy metal, nu metal, power metal, trash metal. We will be happy to promote every intelligent electronic music also! Join