Quality over quantity! You will not get a lot of mp3-albums here. We post the new releases infrequently. But every release is a masterpiece that you will appreciate for sure.

Artists and bands - always remember: Creative Commons licenses will let you share your music for free, but you will keep all the rights for it. Nobody can use it in any project without your permission. Learn more in english / in polish.

If you share your music via SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube etc. you will be not doomed here. We will happily publish other links leading to your music, no problemo! We think that bands and solo artists should be able to use as many tools of promotion as they can. We will use our net of connections as well (music promoters, radio and other media editors, music bloggers, reviewers etc.) to let your music be heared and get you more and more listeners.

bonimedia.pl is rock, metal & alternative electronic music netlabel offering you any multimedia support you need. "Rock" is very wide term. We wish to promote all kinds of rock: alternative, progressive, athmosferic, grunge, indie... whatever - you name it. We are strongly interested in every kind of metal and alternative electronic music also. If you think, that your project could fit our netlabel, or just want to know our opinion - please send some mp3s or links with your music: netlabel@bonimedia.pl

BONImedia netlabel runs some very interesting recording projects dedicated to vintage instruments as well (Various Artists compilations), such as The Feel of DEFIL (Polish vintage string instruments); Eastern Block Guitars Compilation (vintage string instruments from former countries of european Eastern Block, especially guitar brands like: Jolana, Musima, Migma, Kremona, Orfeus, Ural, Tonika, Mensfeld, Alko, Mayones, etc.); Polish Lutherie Guitars Compilation (tracks recorded with Polish guitar brands like: Lootnick, Mensfeld, MEG, PAS, Mayones, Skervesen, Marathone, Mensinger, Presto Lang etc.); Partscaster Parade project for customized instruments; Ukulele Madness - to show you that ukulele can be even black-metal tool; Single-Cut Parade! project for single-cut-shape guitars like Gibson/Epiphone LP, modern single-cuts like Harley Benton SC-Custom II, Orville, Vintage V100 or even Cascha carbon fibre ukulele! In 2023 we started HB Parade project dedicated to Harley Benton instruments, which is a response to their growing popularity! Stay tuned for more!

bonimedia.pl is supporter of outstanding music based on free expression and cannot be identified with any ideological messages of artists and bands.

If your music is "alternative" and hard to define = you probably will fit this netlabel! Preffered genres: acoustic, alternative rock, art rock, athmospheric rock, classic rock, folk-rock, garage rock, gothic rock, grunge, hard rock, indie rock, instrumental rock, math rock, post-rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, punk rock, rock & roll, slow rock, southern rock, space rock, symphonic rock, black metal, death metal, doom metal, funk metal, heavy metal, nu metal, power metal, trash metal. We will be happy to promote every intelligent electronic music also! Join bonimedia.pl