Sunrise Black

Location: Malbork / Poland
Formation: band
Genres: black/death metal, extreme coldwave metal

"Omnia pro Patria" band lineup:

Piotr "Marvin" Slopecki: all grand piano composed and arranged
Pawel "VaU" Radziszewski: additional rhythm guitars, vocals (clean)
Piotr "Wilq" Chlebowicz: vocals (harsh), bass, additional rhythm guitars
Pawel "Fiosaiche" Kucypera: drums, guitars (solo), keyboards and sound effects programming in 1. performed

The band was formally created in 2008 by Piotr "Marvin" Slopecki (grand piano), Pawel "Vau" Radziszewski (clean vocals/solo & rhythm guitars) and Piotr "Wilq" Chlebowicz (harsh vocals/bass guitar/rhythm guitar/drums programming). The idea was to play a terminal form of music eluding typical classifications, freely joining seemingly distant genres and touching extreme forms of metal, but - simultaneously - rich in terms of musical arrangements and composition. Dense sound constructed from complex layered guitar poliphonies, developed vocal lines and grand piano as the main and leading instrument were to become Sunrise Black's trademarks. Additionally, the band collaborated with keyboardist Lukasz Radecki (in 2009) and drummer Bartosz Borzeszkowski (in 2011), who didn't become full-fledged members. In late 2011 the project's line up was completed by multi-instrumentalist Pawel "Fiosaiche" Kucypera, who properly fitted the band's music esthetics. At that point Sunrise Black saw a positive shift in activity, which led to the finalization of its debut material "Omnia pro Patria" in early 2013. Now, band is preparing to recording new material, under a title "In the temple of the Black Sunrise", with Tomasz Pilasiewicz as drummer and Marcin "Marciano" Michalski as tenor and choir vocals.

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