The Line of Apollo

Location: Naberezhnye Chelny / Russia
Formation: band
Genres: alternative rock, post-rock, post-hardcore, melodic-hardcore

Band members are:
Sergey Zatsepin: - vocal, guitars
Valery Borisenko: - drums
Damir Valeev: - guitar
Artem Francugov: - bass

The Line of Apollo was founded by two friends (former classmates) in 2014. in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, in the Russian Federation. Later, they were joined by two more participants.
The band members have played together since 2007, from school times, but the previous project broke up and a revived The Line of Apollo appeared from its ashes. The name was created as a derivative of the past band name (Underline The Sunday). The Line of Apollo also means "The Sun Line". This line is on the palm of a man and symbolizes the creative beginning.
Initially, the band's music was based on the youthful hobbies of the band by American alternative, pop-punk and punk bands such as Blink-182, Yellowcard, Sum-41, etc. Becoming older, the collective began to choose a heavier and atmospheric direction under the influence of already modern genres, like such as post-rock, post-hardcore, melodic-hardcore, etc. Although the vocal performance remained clear.
The first self-album the group recorded in a private studio "B & W" in Kazan in the period from 2015 to 2016, which received the same name "The Line of Apollo".

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artist/band: The Line of Apollo
title: The Line of Apollo (EP)
bonimedia release date: 14.10.2017
genre: post-rock, post/melodic-hardcore
listen to the sample track:

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