Location: Warsaw / Poland
Formation: solo project
Genre: ambient, psychedelic-/space-/progressive rock, instrumental

Zeekat does this, because it's a fairly cheap hobby that doesn't require going out often. Project was started when enough musical equipment was collected allowing to engage in an activity that won't ruin the eyesight. Influences include Ozric Tentacles, Porcupine Tree, Boards of Canada, The Orb and some low key existential dread.

Guitars, bass, synths, sequencing, (electro-magnetic) field recordings, knob twirlings, production - Zeekat (Lukasz Padzik)

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artist/band: ZeeKat
title: Waveshaping
bonimedia release date: 13.08.2018
genre: space-/progressive rock, instrumental
listen to the sample track:

license: Creative Commons (CC)

artist/band: ZeeKat
title: it Hertz
bonimedia release date: 04.06.2018
genre: ambient, psychedelic rock, instrumental
listen to the sample track:

license: Creative Commons (CC)

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